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World tour in 6 days

Many dream of going around the world. Few manage to take the plunge and discover other cultures. For others, it is sometimes ‘the world’ that comes to them.
Every summer, the world meets in Alsace, in Haguenau. Real intercultural crossroads, the Festival des Houblons brings together, for 6 days, no less than 500 artists from all continents, who share their cultures and customs.
Through dances and music, we move from one country to another, from one world to another. Sounds change along with colors and choreographies.
People are amazed by traditional outfits, virtuosity and dynamism of the dancers. Children have eyes that shine at the sight of men’s cowboy hats or beautiful ladies’ dresses and makeups
These moments are not only festive, but also instructive. Artists convey the values, traditions, legends, daily life and history of their countries. We learn the meaning of a particular dance or instrument, its role in society.
Everyone then leaves with a part of a culture from elsewhere. If we did not know the existence of a country before the Festival, we are familiar with its habits and customs.
A great way to discover other countries, other cultures and to open up to the world.

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